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Declaration concerning the Festival in Sotchi * Oct 17

100 years after the October Revolution: Forward for another Red October!

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It has been proven twice the last 100 years: the socialist revolution is the only future for the youth, the youth makes the revolution and the youth needs the revolution imperatively. The revolution brought the end of war and militarism for the youth and it brought polytechnical education, the end of bourgeois spread ignorance. To the youths of the liberation movements and the peoples democracies it brought the end of colonial oppression, an end of analphabetism. The destruction of socialism by the revisionism in our own ranks, the abandoning of the proletarian dictatorship and the lack of struggle for it brought back into our world sheer misery, barbarism. Most of today’s millions of migrants worldwide are children or young people. The only future capitalism offers to the youth is death in the next great war. The double proof is shown: We need another Red October!

For 100 years we have got to know how to make the revolution now. To use this knowledge today is more urgent than  ever. The meetings between the communist parties and organisations are clearly relevant for this. Marxism-Leninism has to be defended, all the more in times shaped by the greatest defeat of the world-wide working-class movement. Now revisionism has rampaged in our communist parties and movements for decades, destroyed socialism and with it the  proletarian dictatorship, and installed sheer barbarism instead. The campaigning days on 100 years October Revolution  were not suitable for conferences. These days were to be used by communists and revolutionaries to reach the  working-class in their respective countries, to take to the streets for the working-class in their own or other country  in order to prove: The only way to liberate mankind is to do another workers’ revolution - opposing the post socialist depression in so many countries, not least the GDR. Keeping the lessons of the October Revolution in a conference hall and behind closed doors would not mean to be doing anything for the revolution. Like the October Revolution was led by the Bolschewiki but had actually to be made the working-class itself.

For 100 years we have known as well that it takes an powerful communist party to lead a revolution.  But in which country this party has been built? Especially in the FRG it is still being built, in the annexed GDR it is missing completely. We find Worker’s Union for the Reconstruction of the KPD to be the only organisation in the FRG to notice the lack of this revolutionary, communist party and to organize the workers to rebuild it. In which country the revolutionary youth is united in one organisation? Who does not want to talk about rebuilding revolutionary, powerful organisations of the working-class should not speak about the October Revolution either.

Who refuses to accept that revisionism in our ranks was the cause for our defeat will repeat the same mistakes and  tramples all over the October Revolution once more; and is even capable to cooperate with the counterrevolutionary gangs, who get rich by exploiting the property of the peoples of former socialist countries. All of us allowed the WFDY  to lose control over the World Festival with our eyes open. Allowed it to ally with the counter revolution. Excerpt from the decleration of the FDJ from January 2017: “If the World Federation of Democratic Youth, if the members of World Federation of Democratic Youth don ́t want to say goodbye to the struggle for the new and become the old, we have to react and openly take up the fight against war and counter revolution! Instead of ‘celebrating’ our own defeats  directed by the rulers in Sotschi, let ́s prepare our next victories! We owe it to ourselves, the casualties of past struggles and to future.” 1

All the red lines, which were not be crossed if the WFDY was to keep participating in the World Festival were crossed by Putin, his police and his depoliticising campaign with a smile about the headquarter’s complaints, before the first  flyer was even printed, before anyone could even shout: „Long live WFDY!“ To tolerate this play any longer means to support capitalism. Because, in the name of the Democratic Youth, the gates were thrown wide open for the counter revolution here. And the goals of the World Festival movement, to fight imperialism and war, were distorted and misused. In consequence, the progressive youth could not come together at their own World Festival in their own name, with all WFDY organisations which wanted to attend, without state interference and police control.

We made suggestions on how 100 years October Revolution could be appreciated not as a thing of yesterday, but as a thing of today and a tomorrow. At the General Council in February 2016 in Moscow we insisted on a World Festival,  directed by the WFDY and under its name. Faced with the tremendous interference by the Russian counter revolution, we urged the WFDY and its member organisations in January 2017 to cancel the preparations for this feast. All suggestions have been answered by silence. But this silence is the death of any progress, because we should be in constant debate on how imperialism can be fought. That is why we urge all WFDY organisations to break their silence. After Sochi is before Sochi if we do not change our course immediatedly and vehemently! The World Festival of the WFDY, which ceased to be under its control very early this time, is a question of global importance: if the WFDY does not unite and lead the democratic youth, who else would?

October 2017
Central Council of th Free German Youth (FDJ)


Declaration concerning the Festival in Sotchi * Jan 17

100 years after the October Revolution: Forward for another Red October!

Declaration of the Free German Youth (FDJ)
concerning the coming World Festival of Youth and Students
2017 in Sotschi/Russia

PDF: Erklärung auf deutsch

PDF: Declaration in english

PDF: Declaración en espanol

PDF: Декларация Союза свободной немецкой молодёжи (ССНМ) ко Всемирному фестивалю молодёжи и студентов
Сочи, Россия 2017 г.

As a member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) we are forced to note that the World Festival 2017 in Sotschi is not going to be the World Festival of the WFDY. Not of the WFDY which fought the,  especially for the FDJ,  necessary struggle of the progressive youth against fascism and war. Which also supported the struggle of the colonized peoples against their oppressors and kept  up the fight for its existence even after the temporary defeat  of
socialism. A fight which we can only loose if we offer the counter revolution the opportunity for another victory with this World Festival. We cannot allow that: Instant cancellation of the participation and preparation of this „Festival“ by the WFDY and its member organizations!

100 years after the Great Socialist October Revolution we live in a today in which,  after the defeat  of  the Socialist  October Revolution,  the workers of  a third of  the world have been thrown back into capitalist exploitation, the peoples` property has been robbed; in which the world is owned by imperialism, millions of people all around the world struggle to survive, millions  of  people  who  are  forced  to  emigrate  in  search  for  a  better  life;  in  which  the imperialists decide thoroughly over war and peace, life and death. A today in which we stand on the edge of the 3rd world war, in which we, the youth, are thought to be the first to die for the rulers.

100 years ago the Great Socialist October Revolution proved that only a soviet power can built a  new world  without  exploitation  of  men  by  men,  offers  a  way  out  of  crisis,  war  and barbarism. The October Revolution was the basis for the peoples´  victory against  German fascism and our  liberation and for  the  liberation of  the  oppressed peoples.  The  October Revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat in the USSR showed most obviously the class
struggle between old and new, between the bourgeois consciousness and the defenders of the capitalist way on the one side and the life needs of the exploited and oppressed in the world on the other side.

The 100th anniversary of the October Revolution dictates us this main question: What led to the destruction of the great achievements of the October Revolution? That we don´t live in the new, but instead in the old society and have to regain the new? The reason is that modern Revisionism was allowed to spread in our organizations, that the soviet power, the dictatorship of the proletariat was liquidated step by step in the 1960s and finally,  born out of revisionism, a new bourgeoisie of robbery and open counter revolution came into power.

Especially in our country, we allowed that the German Democratic Republic (GDR) could take the revisionist path back to capitalism and the German imperialism, by annexation of the GDR, could re-establish itself as one of the most aggressive war-mongers.  This is the cause why today the world can be in possession by imperialism again, why millions of people are faced with barbarism.

Keeping this cause secret, not naming these facts, this crime of the counter revolution, would mean that we don´t fight for a new Red October for a re-building of the socialist world, but take the side of the counter revolutionaries and leave the revolutionary path – the path of the revolutionary exit from war, the path of the liberation of mankind, the path to socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat, the path taken by the October Revolutionaries.

Yes! The 100th anniversary of the October Revolution is worth being honored and celebrated. The World Federation of Democratic Youth has decided to be faithful to its history and goals – born out of the experiences of two world wars and the class struggles against fascism and war, for  the unity of  the  world youth against  the imperialist  robbers  and warmongers  – and therefore chose to take the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution as an occasion for the
19th World Festival.

We betray our history, our goals and ourselves, though if we think this World Festival could be prepared and carried out hand in hand with the counter revolution, if we walk hand in hand with the same counter revolution which calls the October Revolution civil  war and Lenin a criminal,  although it  is itself  which leads a war against  the people,  if  we dance and eat  in Sotschi´s  hotels,  while the people don´t  have anything to eat,  because they were robbed
everything by those who pay us our dance and dinner. If  the  World  Federation  of  Democratic  Youth,  if  the  members  of  World  Federation  of Democratic Youth don´t want to say goodbye to the struggle for the new and become the old, we have to react and openly take up the fight against war and counter revolution! Instead of „celebrating“  our  own defeats  directed  by  the  rulers  in  Sotschi,  let´s  prepare  our  next victories! We owe it to ourselves, the casualties of past struggles and to future.

With this in mind we will do anything possible to fight for a new October. Let´s join forces in practical unity against war and counter revolution! Let´s do this by bringing this struggle onto the streets of Leningrad – with the international unity of action „Revolution instead of war“!* Join us! The October Revolution has proven: The days of imperialism are counted, a new world will be born!

Let us speak soviet to the reaction!

Central Council of the Free German Youth
27. January 2017



* Aktionsbüro „Das Begräbnis oder DIE HIMMLISCHEN VIER“ in Aktionseinheit mit Arbeiterbund für den Wiederaufbau der KPD, Arbeits- und Koordinationsausschuss der Vierten Arbeiter- und Gewerkschafter-Konferenz gegen den Notstand der Republik, Freie Deutsche Jugend, 25 IG Metall Vertrauensleute und Betriebsräte von Mercedes Werk Bremen, IG Metall Vertrauensleute Jungheinrich Norderstedt, IG Metall Vertrauensleute manroland Offenbach, IG Metall Kollegen Mercedes Benz, Werk Wörth - GLC Germersheim, Jugendaktionsausschuss – Notstand der Republik, Sozialistische Jugend Deutschlands - Die Falken, Bezirk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz, Agitproptruppe Roter Pfeffer und Mitglieder des Bertolt Brecht Jugendprojekts Bremen, Revolutionärer Freundschaftsbund e.V. (annektierte DDR) und weitere

Republik Polen: Komunistyczna Partia Polski (Kommunistische Partei Polens) usw.

Russische Föderation: Всесоюзная партия «Союз коммунистов» (Allunionspartei „Union der Kommunisten“), Объединенная Коммунистическая партия (Vereinigte Kommunistische Partei), Российская Коммунистическая Рабочая Партия (РКРП-КПСС) (Russische Kommunistische Arbeiterpartei, RKRP-KPSS) usw.

Tschechische Republik: Klub českého pohraničí (Klub des tschechischen Grenzlandes), Komunistický svaz mládeže (Kommunistischer Jugendverband), Vojácí proti válce (Soldaten gegen den Krieg).

Aktionsbüro „Das Begräbnis oder die HIMMLISCHEN VIER“, Karl-Liebknecht-Haus, Weydingerstr. 14-16, 10178
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